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e help companies and senior leaders navigate and solve their toughest business challenges. As the firm's Principal and namesake of the firm, I bring 33 (and counting) years of experience in Corporate America and 20+ years in the C-suite. I put that knowledge to work to help you in strengthening your business through thoughtful counsel. That is my only priority. With a keen understanding of how to work successfully in complex global organizations, I can help you reshape and re-sharpen your business.

Our client roster is confidential, but we are happy to speak with you about our experience with the specific clients/industries we serve.

Service areas:

Racial Justice in the Workplace

In 2020, America realized it was time to reckon with our country's past regarding race and equality, and society looked to Business to lead the way. Our firm can be your partner in ensuring racial justice in your workplace by analyzing your systems, processes, company behaviors, and more. We can help you identify and address foundational issues and help pave the way for a successful Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging program.

C-suite Counsel

You can rely on us to be your trusted advisor and partner in building an even stronger company.  Working effectively with senior leadership teams, we partner and align to deliver on your strategy.

CommunicAtions Team Development

Traditional structures for communications are transactional at best.  They are not designed to deliver value in the four most essential communications areas that determine the difference between success and failure: communications technology/data analytics, culture, societal value, and reputation/brand. We know how to build strong teams that are value centers for your business.

Reputation Management

Your company's reputation is only as good as your ability to manage it proactively. We believe that if you don't tell your story, someone else will. We help you understand your reputation strength and reputation drivers so you can use them to your advantage. The time to build a strong reputation is when you don't need it -- before the crisis.

Issues Management

We understand crisis and issue management.  Our model helps you look around corners to identify potential issues or crises and how to manage your way through them. We consistently use tools and models to assess reputation risk, conduct stakeholder analysis, and identify opinion leaders critical to your efforts. Whether it's areputation, operations, media, or any other complication, we will guide you through the spectrum of crisis avoidance to reputation recovery.  

Financial Communications

Our specialty is around M&A communication and helping your company tell the right story to all of your key audiences.

Communications Strategy

We work with you and other members of your team to develop a strong and compelling internal and external communications strategy that is fit for your organization -- this year and beyond -- all based on your business priorities.



Begin with the End in Mind

All of our engagements begin with a straightforward question: "What Does a Win Look Like? Answering that question sets all the wheels in motion and becomes our beacon to success.

Identify the Right Problem

We love data. We love questions, and we dig deep to get to the real problem or situation. The sooner we start working on the right problem, the sooner we can help you navigate the right solution.

Brainstorm all of the Solutions

We believe there is more than one way to solve a problem,and we want to explore them all quickly and hone in on the best ones. We believe in the Pareto Principle -- it works every time!

Deliver the Strategy and the Action Plan

We don't believe in writing a plan about how we're going to write a plan. We dive in -- always from a strategic perspective with creativity, non-traditional thinking, and doable solutions. And, we stay with you through the journey. Your success is our success.

Outcomes over Output

We believe if something is worth doing, it is worth measuring and incentivizing. We start with the end in mind, and that's how we end too. Anecdotal evidence is fine, but we measure for facts. Communication isn ot the goal; it is merely a means to an end. We focus on the "end."
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