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harlene Wheeless LLC Executive & Life Empowerment Coaching believes in a Give / Get / Best philosophy based on positive psychology.  For leaders, this means we help you get the best from your executives, rather than the most. For individuals seeking personal fulfillment, whether working toward a better career or a better life, our goal is to help you give your best, not your most, and achieve work/life harmony. Notice that we didn't say "work/life balance."

While we enjoy coaching executives, high potentials, and individuals who want "better," we also specialize in helping leaders provide the right environment for their high-potential minority and female talent and help high-potentials navigate the C-suite.  We've "been there, done that, and got-the-t-shirt," so to speak, and we strive to help you do the same.

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Studies are clear: companies are having a hard time holding on to their minority high-potential talent, and when you lose talented people, you lose money.  A recent report by the Center of Talent Innovation study noted that more than 1/3rd of Black employees plan to leave their companies within two years because they don't feel respected or valued. Let's turn this around and make an impact for you and your company.

leadership ADVISOR/coach

There has been a "war on talent" for more than a decade, and the heat is only rising.  At the same time, high-potential talent is looking for a better quality of work and life.  We help you achieve both and, more importantly, keep you from being part of the latest burnout statistic -- 52% of all employees report feeling burnt out and unfulfilled. It's quite simple, if people aren't okay, your business isn't okay.

it's choice, not chance, that changes your life.  That's worth repeating; it's choice, not chance, that changes your life.  This is our life mantra!  In Life Empowerment coaching, we focus on helping you create the life you want--the life you deserve.  Combining our experience with our expertise, we help you navigate to your "why," your "what," and your "how"!

equity and justice in the workplace

In 2020, America realized it was time to reckon with our country's past regarding race and equality, and society looked to Business to lead the way. Charlene is your partner in ensuring racial justice in your workplace by analyzing your systems, processes, company behaviors, and more. I help you identify and address foundational issues and help pave the way for a successful Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging program -- one that helps leaders understand the unique needs of its diverse population and helps ensure DE&I is more than a talent management program. Let's be honest. If traditional DE&I programs worked, there would be no need for DE&I consultants. It's time to try something new. Let's get started.



positive psychology -- the scientific study of well-being and achievement.

I provide the tools and skills to help individuals and organizations achieve specific goals, such as maximizing their impact, strengthening relationships, building resilience, defeating Imposter Syndrome and creating the life you want.

Every engagement begins with an assessment and alignment on where the client wants to go, change, or achieve. My goal is to ensure we accomplish what is most important to you.

challenges and obstacles

Exploring what is holding you back, and facing it head on. Giving you the tools to keep moving forward.

systems and solutions

A time for exploration and execution


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